Monday May, 28th

Morning Session 9:00 - 12:30

Chair: M. Malek Mansour
9:20N. Hadjiconstantinou Recent developments in modelling two-dimensional gaseous transition-regime flows
10:00G.A. Bird DSMC Study of Shear Flow Instabilities
10:40---Coffee break
11:10A. Ladd Lattice Boltzmann simulations of particle-fluid systems
11:50Wm. G. Hoover Stopping Power, Shock waves, and SPAM

Afternoon Session 14:30-18:20

Chair: A. Garcia
14:30R. Kapral Cluster Structure and Dynamics in a Mesoscopic Solvent
15:10W. Wagner The limiting kinetic equation of the Consistent Boltzmann Algorithm for dense gases
15:50---Coffee break
16:20A. Beylich An Interlaced System: A kinetic equation based approach for all scales
17:00A. Frezzotti A Kinetic Model for Non-Equilibrium Evaporation/Condensation Processes

Tuesday May, 29th

Morning Session 9:00-12:30

Chair: G. Bird
9:00S. Hess Generalized Fourier laws for the conduction of the heat generated by a viscous flow in dilute gases and in dense fluids
9:40K. Aoki A rarefied gas flow between two parallel plates driven by a uniform external force
10:20---Coffee break
10:50B. Shizgal Boundary effects on electron and ion transport
11:30C. Van den Broeck The adiabatic piston: a challenge for theory and simulations

Afternoon Session 14:10-18:10

Chair: R. Kapral
14:10M. Kraft An improved stochastic algorithm for temperature-dependent homogeneous gas phase reactions
14:50A. Lemarchand Stochastic effects in a thermochemical system with Newtonian cooling
15:30---Coffee break
16:00F. Baras Reactive processes in low dimension
16:40E. Trizac Decay kinetics of ballistic annihilation
17:10Round Table Advances in Kinetic Theory Algorithms

Wednesday May, 30th

Morning Session 9:20-12:30

Chair: M. Mareschal
9:20P. Cordero Some simple states of granular gases
10:00J. Piasecki Stationary state of thermostated inelastic hard spheres
10:40---Coffee break
11:10M. Ernst Granular Fluid Dynamics as a Time-dependent Landau-Ginzburg Theory
11:50J. Dufty Nonequilibrium Phase Transition for a Heavy Particle in a Granular Fluid

Afternoon Session 14:30-17:00

Chair: P. Cordero
14:30R. Soto Velocity correlations in granular fluids
15:10A. Santos Shear viscosity of a granular fluid
15:50---Coffee break
16:20M. Salazar Interactions of hard sphere surrounded by a dissipative layer
17:00Round Table Kinetic theory and hydrodynamics of granular fluids (moderators: M. Ernst and L. Brenig)

Thursday May, 31st

Morning Session 9:20-12:30

Chair: L. Brenig
9:20A. Barrat Heated granular fluids: the random restitution coefficient approach
10:00M. Ruiz-Montero Hydrodynamic profiles of open vibrated granular systems
10:40---Coffee break
11:10J. Brey Bifurcations in vibrated granular gases: the Maxwell demon experiment
11:50J. Lutsko Velocity correlations and the structure of nonequilibrium hard-core fluids

Afternoon Session 14:30-15:30

14:30Round Table Perspectives and conclusion (moderator: M. Mareschal)

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