Financial Information

Here are a few, but important, details about the financial aspects of the workshop:
  1. To receive payments, invited participants need to fill out one of the following forms: Non-Italian, Italian. Please send your completed form by e-mail to Prof. Aldo Frezzotti; signatures will be collected during the workshop.
  2. Invited participants will receive a per diem of 80 Euros as a contribution for living expenses.
  3. A contribution of 300 Euros for travel expenses will be given to overseas participants only.
  4. According to local rules, a 30% withholding tax will be taken from reimbursements, unless you supply a declaration from your local tax office. The declaration (see example below) should state that you are going to pay taxes in your country.
  5. A 20% deduction will be applied to reimbursements of Italian participants.

Here is a facsimile of a reasonable tax office declaration accepted by our bureaucracy:

The Tax and Revenue Office of...

To whom it may concern,

we hereby confirm that Mrs./Mr./Dr./Prof.   XXXXXXX   born on   XXXXXXXX  , in   XXXXXXXX  , is registered as a taxpayer in   XXXXXXXXXX   with identification/registration number   XXXXXXXXXX.

The declaration should also contain a statement that you do not have commercial or economic activity in Italy. This last statement is, according to our bureaucrats, of paramount importance. However, I've seen accepted declarations where the statement was absolutely absent, therefore skip it, if your local bureaucrats have difficulties with this last section of the declaration.

Remember that only original tax office certificates will be accepted (no Xerox copies!!!)

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