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Alejandro Garcia's Home Page

As a university professor and a research scientist, I spend much of my time distributing information. The purpose of this site is to do this more efficiently. You'll also find some personal items, such as paintings, prints, and sketchbook drawings.

What's New ?

Workshops, Conferences, and Symposia:
* Direct Simulation Monte Carlo 2015: Theory, Methods, and Applications (DSMC15) at the Kauai Marriott, Kauai, Hawaii on September 13-17, 2015. [Go to Conference Website]

Recent Papers:
* "Fluctuating hydrodynamics of multi-species reactive mixtures", A. Bhattacharjee, K. Balakrishnan, A. Garcia, J.B. Bell, and A. Donev, Journal of Chemical Physics 142 224107 (2015) (PDF).
* "Low Mach Number Fluctuating Hydrodynamics of Multispecies Liquid Mixtures", A. Donev, A. Nonaka, A. Bhattacharjee, A. Garcia, and, J.B. Bell, Physics of Fluids 27 037103 (2015) (PDF).
* "Modeling Multi-phase Flow using Fluctuating Hydrodynamics", A. Chaudhri, J.B. Bell, A. Garcia, and ,A. Donev, Physical Review E 90 033014 (2014) (PDF).
* "Fluctuating hydrodynamics of multispecies mixtures. I. Non-reacting Flows", K. Balakrishnan, A. Garcia, A. Donev, and J.B. Bell, Physical Review E 89 013017 (2014) (PDF).
* "Low Mach Number Fluctuating Hydrodynamics of Diffusively Mixing Fluids", A. Donev, A. J. Nonaka, Y. Sun, T. Fai, A. L. Garcia and J. B. Bell, Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, 9 47 (2014) (PDF).

Films, etc.:
* "Mr. Peabody and Sherman", Physics Consultant, Animation Dept. (2014)
* The Green Ninja Show (YouTube Channel)


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